In this video we are introduced to Food Miles. This is our first resource on Food Miles and it will be followed on with further resources in the coming weeks. In this video we look at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. There are 3 activities in this video where students can investigate Food Miles in their homes. If the students wish, they can do these activities after watching the video.


  • Firstly, we look at mapping some food products. Here the student will need some food products, a blank world map, pencil and an atlas to help. If the student is unable to print off the map included in this resource they may simply explore the origins of their food using an atlas or Google Maps.
  • The second activity, looks at calculating Food Miles. Here, the student will need to access to a computer and internet to calculate Food Miles using the website
  • The third activity, the student creates a food diary where they list the food items in two of their meals and where the food comes from. Click the green button to download.
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