It’s that time of year where thing are starting to grow, in our gardens, our flower pots and forests. But how can we help spring growth and reduce our waste at the same time? Food waste in Ireland is a big issue, but composting some of that waste could help reduce excess waste to landfill. Food waste that rots in landfill is cut off from oxygen and emits methane (a greenhouse gas that is more potent than carbon dioxide).

By composting effectively however, where organic scraps and clippings are exposed to air, methane-creating bacteria can’t live. Composting is a natural process, all we need to do is create the ideal conditions and let nature do the rest. Organisms such as soil bacteria, fungi, moulds, worms and insects work together with air and water to create a thriving compost. Composting is a biological process wherein organic raw materials are transformed by these organism activities into a stabilised soil-like compost material. You can use the compost to help those plants grow for the next season. Why not learn a little about composting? you could even try this at home.

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