Ballinamore CS, Co. Leitrim 

Ballinamore is a co-ed secondary school with 320 pupils and 30 staff. The committee comprises three different classes and the student council. The classes involved are Agricultural Science, Home Economics and CSPE.

They meet weekly and are led by a chairperson, secretary and PRO who rotates once per term. The main focus of the school is to incorporate Global Citizenship education into as many lessons and subjects as possible, increasing the student’s exposure to many global topics. In September 2019, the school set up a Social Justice Club, organized a climate strike, participated in fast fashion workshops with ECO UNESCO, and hosted a Climate Action Week.

The CSPE class conducted carbon footprint tests once per term using an online tool. Both the committee and the whole school have managed to maintain all of their previous flags by planting pollinator-friendly flowers, installing water dispensers for refillable bottles, composting food waste, and a bike rack installed on the school ground to encourage cycling to school.

After an immense amount of hard work, Ballinamore CS ended the year by receiving one of the overall Global Citizenship School of the Year Awards! 

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