‘By recording – and celebrating – all the different ways water benefits our lives, we can value water properly and safeguard it effectively for everyone.’ – UN

In the build up to World Water Day on Monday the 22nd of March, 2021. We’re asking schools to join in on a UN international campaign for World Water Day. The campaign involves people sharing what water means to them so that everyone can become aware what a valuable resource water is to us all, and the need to protect and share it sustainably.

You can do this through social media by sharing what water means to you with the hashtag #Water2Me, and please tag Green-Schools Ireland social media in the post, or tweet, so we can share it. You can include an image also that illustrates what water means to you.

Some examples of what you could do as a school are:

  • Take a photo of students holding up one word for what water means to them. This could could be done on a Zoom call for example. Then share it on the school social media.
  • Decide on a quote from the school on what water means to everyone in the school. You could accompany it with a photo that represents this on social media posts.
  • You could do a video on what water means to the school or students could do their own videos of what it means to them. Any videos could also double up as an entry to our video competition – https://greenschoolsireland.org/water-video-competition-2021/
  • Whatever other wonderful creative ideas you have!

What Water Means to Us.

We’ve made a start in Green-Schools by asking each staff member from the water team to tell us what water means to them. See what they said below.