2022 to 2023

Welcome to the Water theme for this academic year. This page is a central location for schools doing the water theme to go to for the year. It will show all the events, forms, activities, workshops and competitions for the year. It will be updated throughout the year so check back regularly. 

If you want to find out all about the theme watch the video below
(or click here to watch in Irish)  

We will be running 4 regional multi-school water workshops around the country and your school will be contacted if you are in the surrounding area. These workshops are open to teachers and students currently on the water theme and are a fantastic opportunity to: 

  • brainstorm actions for your work on the water theme, 
  • get advice from other schools, Irish Water and Green-Schools staff, 
  • learn about important issues surrounding water, and 
  • how to run the water theme in your school. 

The workshops will be fun, practical and employ a mixture of: 

  • interactive demos, 
  • water related games, 
  • PowerPoint presentations, 
  • water themed clips, 
  • videos, and 
  • group work. 

Each participating school will also receive a water resource pack which will include a USB loaded with useful water information, kicktesting and clean up kits, as well as water saving devices. 

We also have primary and secondary school virtual water workshops that are available upon request. These workshops also come with loads of additional information that you may find useful such as, how to run a clean-up, carry out water quality testing, infographics, and videos on Think Before You Flush and Think Before You Pour, water saving infographics and activities etc.  You can contact us on water@greenschoolsireland.org with any queries. 

The aim of this programme is to engage directly with second-level students on the topics of water, water conservation, treatment and the marine environment and provide them with the tools, information and support to act as ambassadors for Green-Schools and pass on what they learn in their own schools and local communities. 

This year’s programme will start in November 2022 and run until April 2023. Successful candidates will first take part in an in person, interactive, training day which involves speakers from Green-Schools, Irish Water, Clean Coasts, Globe (Water) and past ambassadors, as well as group work, demonstrations, quizzes and games. 

Water ambassadors will also be able to take part in: 

  • Green-Schools facilitated well-being workshops to help combat eco-anxiety 
  • Clean-up of a local beach, river or lake and water quality testing activity 
  • Virtual tour of a water or a wastewater treatment plant 
  • A second focused support and training day 

The Green-Schools co-ordinators and/or water ambassador support teachers will also receive simultaneous support, training and the opportunity to network with other coordinators. 

Participants will receive a water ambassador pack, to include: hoodie, USB with relevant information, water saving devices, litter picking and water testing equipment. They will also be in with a chance to win fantastic prizes and trophies. 

This programme isopen to students in secondary schools that are on or have achieved the Green Flag for Water.

Applications have now closed for the Water Ambassador Programme 2022-2023. Applications will open again in Autumn, 2023.

Water Ambassador Guidelines

This year’s Water Poster and Video Competition “Local Water Actions for Global Change” is now open for entries! Click below to find out more:

Water Poster & Video Competition 2023

Walk for Water is a way to celebrate World Water Day (22 March each year) and spread awareness of water poverty around the world. It helps raise awareness about women and children in countries around the world who walk on average 6km a day to access water and have to carry heavy loads of up to 20 Litres on their way back. Participants are encouraged to carry water on a walk to get some experience of what this is like. 

Registration for  official walk for water events organised by Green-Schools, March 2023, is not yet open, please check back closer to the date. 

To learn how to carry out your own walk for water please see below mini walk for water infographic and instruction sheet. 

Details of Mini Walk for Waters

During May/June we have a Water Conservation Photo Competition where parents are invited to post a photo of a water conservation action being carried out by their children at home, along with a short description on the story behind it. 

This year’s Water Conservation Competition is not yet open, check back in May 2023! 

Water handbooks are given to each school at the start of their first year of the water theme, if you need a replacement, please contact water@greenschoolsireland.org 

Download Water Theme Guidance Document 

Download our interactive water pdfs for both primary and secondary below. And you can find other water resources on our resources page. 

Download Water Theme Guidance Document

Download our interactive water pdfs for both primary and secondary below. And you can find other water resources on our resources page.

Download Water Interactive PDF for Primary
Download Water Interactive PDF for Secondary

Click the below button to view videos on the Green-Schools YouTube Channel, related to the water theme and created by participating schools and Green-Schools. 


Click the button below to view weeks of fun and educational activities on water for children of all ages to do at home or in school. There are plenty of experiments, videos, quizzes, crafts, marine wildlife sheets, water conservation actions, and more in English and in Irish. 

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