About the Water Ambassador Programme

The Water Ambassador Programme is an initiative run by Green-Schools and sponsored by Irish Water. The Ambassador Programme offers secondary school students the opportunity to learn about this invaluable resource and to develop a campaign in their school and community to raise awareness about water conservation and reduce water waste. Now in its fifth year, the Ambassador Programme is a well-established, interactive and engaging learning experience which provides opportunities for students to develop skills in: public speaking, project management, communication skills, self-directed learning and environmental sustainability.

What is involved?

Successful applicants will take part in an initial training day where they will be introduced to local and global issues surrounding water conservation and receive a tour of a water treatment plant. Each student will select a relevant topic of interest to investigate and deliver a campaign in their school throughout the course of the year. In the new year they will be invited to attend a beach or river clean – this is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in environmental stewardship and is always a fun day out! The ambassadors will be required to submit a Progress Report and subsequently attend a support session to work on communication skills and feed-back on their progress running their chosen campaign. To complete the programme the Ambassadors will be required to submit a Final Report before the Easter holidays, detailing their experience of the programme and their achievements along with supporting material e.g. photos, video. Regional winners will be selected and invited to attend the prestigious national awards ceremony in Dublin in May 2020.

For full details on what is involved please download this Guidelines document.

Apply to be a Water Ambassador

Before applying please read the Guidelines document and check eligibility on the list below. Please note that attendance of three scheduled events (training day, clean-up and support session), submission of two reports and running your own awareness campaign are mandatory parts the programme. Please consider carefully if you have the time and availability to commit to the programme before applying. To apply please complete the application form below– you will need a brief reference provided by a teacher – and return to waterevents@eeu.antaisce.org by Friday October 11.

  • Your school is registered with the Green-Schools programme
  • Your school is currently working on, or has completed, the Water theme
  • You can get a reference from a supporting teacher
  • You have read the Ambassador Programme Guidelines
  • You have the time to participate in, and complete, the programme
Water Ambassador Application Form 2019/2020

Experiences from Previous Years

Chloe Winters, Water Ambassador, 2018-2019:

I really enjoyed the days out with the Green Schools team. I learned so much during the programme and thoroughly enjoyed the beach clean and talks.

Lana Carpenter, Water Ambassador, 2018-2019:

I thoroughly enjoyed everything I experienced [on the programme] …I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work on the programme and really appreciate all the time and effort that went into organising these meetings and events

Don Crowley, Regional Water Ambassador Winner, 2017-2018:

I really liked being productive about conserving water and being part of an active team of likeminded people

Jessie McCarthy, Regional Water Ambassador Winner, 2017-2018:

I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and confidence from this course