The second of the Green-Schools Public Webinar Series, ‘Walkable Streets’ stimulated much interest from the general public, school staff, Local Authority professionals, and active travel/public realm activists with free tickets for the live webinar selling out. If you would like to re-watch or stream the webinar, it is now available in full presentation on YouTube or via our SoundCloud account for audio only.

The Walkable Streets Webinar features four professionals working in distinct areas relating to the development of walkable streets, who present a variety of perspectives: theoretical, possible and practical.

  • Speaking from a theoretical point of view on walkable streets, Dr. Lorraine D’Arcy of TU Dublin presents theories of behaviour change and walking drawing on her PhD research and academic expertise.
  • Next, exploring and arguing for the ‘possible’, Green-Schools Infrastructure Officer Trevor Keppel will present ‘Safe to School’, an ideas document prepared by Green-Schools for schools, parents and Local Authorities that presents a range of measures that can assist in safe return to school.
  • Likewise on the theme of ‘possibility’, Aaron Copeland of a ‘A Playful City’ team explains the concept and processes of ‘A Playful City’ and present some depth on the idea and potential of ‘School Streets’.
  • Translating ideas into action, to conclude, Green-Schools Travel Officer Fiona Barry presents on the ‘practice’ of school walkability audits – a process that is evolving at present with the use of GIS mapping systems.


“Thank you for organising, the mix of the practical and the inspirational was perfect.” -Joan Swift

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