8 October 2020

Storytime – We Want Our Park Back

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When a group of friends arrive to play at their local park, they find a crowd of adults running around. The grown-ups are making a BIG mess and upsetting the animals…so the children decide to do something about it! ‘We Want Our Park Back’ has been written and illustrated by Oisín McGann and produced by [...]

25 September 2020


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Use this pledge template to collect individual climate actions from everyone that is involved in your #ClimateActionWeek!

25 September 2020


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Please complete this Climate Action Tracker by Friday 30th October, every school that completes it will be entered into a free prize draw!

25 September 2020

Survey Suggestions

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Use some of these survey questions to see how much your students (and staff!) have learnt about climate change before and after #ClimateActionWeek.

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