14 September 2020

Cycling Using a Child Carrier and Towing Bar

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Travel Officer  Lukasz Krzywon talks about cycling with children using a carrier and the towing bar. Both of these are easy solutions to go longer distances with children who are less confident on the road or not fit for longer journeys. The towing bar can be also a very good way to bring your child’s [...]

14 September 2020

How to Teach your Child to Cycle

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Green Schools Travel Officer Edwina Coman has created a step-by-step video to show you how to teach your child to cycle. If your child can pedal and balance they will be well on their way to mastering the skill of cycling! https://youtu.be/3FKKpsI2DyE

14 September 2020

Fiseán faoi dul ar do scútar

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Léiríonn an fiseán seo scileanna scútair do pháistí óga. Ritheann sé tríd ceithre rudaí ba cheart duit a chinntiú sula dtéann tú ar an scútar: 1. Do chlogad, 2. Do scútar, 3. D’éadaí agus 4. Na cosáin. Múineann an fiseán na scileanna seo: 1. Ag tosú, 2. Ag stopadh, 3.Sleamhnaigh agus 4.Crom. Seiceáil do chuid [...]

14 September 2020

World Environment Day

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The quality of the air around us is very important as it directly affects our health and the environment we live in. Have a look at our welcome message from Green-Schools Officer Jess, she is going to tell you all about the wonderful resources which her fellow Officer Karen Moore has planned for you to [...]

14 September 2020

Ceithre Cinntiú Rothaíochta

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Lá Idirnáisiúnta an Rothar atá ann! Sula dtéann sibh amach ag rothaíocht, cinntigí go bhfuil na ceithre cinntiú seo leanas déanta agaibh: Clogad, Éadaí, Rothar agus Aimsir. Míníonn Dave conas ullmhú le haghaidh turas rothair! Seiceáil do chuid eolais lenár tráth na gceist.   https://youtu.be/EkcwmxRzbsE  

14 September 2020

The M check – Cycling Safety Tips

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Before heading out for a cycle make sure you do 4 simple checks: helmet, clothes, bike, and conditions. Travel Officer Dave will explain how to do these quick checks before heading off. After learning about the 4 Cycle Checks with Travel Officer Dave, test your knowledge and challenge yourself to our Cycle Checks quiz. Do [...]

14 September 2020

Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Take a stroll around where you live and see what nature treasures you can find. Our video and worksheet will guide you through a discover of wild flowers, trees, and other delights.   https://youtu.be/d2FFSqLzG34

14 September 2020

Adventures with Sounds – Part 2 Create your own Soundmap

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Sound mapping is a great way to become more aware of your local environment and measure the diversity of signs around you. This activity is part of our new Adventures with Sounds resource which invites students to explore and develop their aural senses which is an important skill for road safety. https://youtu.be/S1H6sUqPYe0

14 September 2020

Adventures with Sounds – Part 1 Listen to your world

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What do you hear when you go outside and really listen? What do other places sound like? Adventures with sounds is a new resource pack designed to take a closer look at our sound environment. Today we will take a look at the first activity in this pack which is called ‘ Listen to your [...]

14 September 2020

Flower Fairy Hunt

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No need for journeying, seeking afar; Where there are flowers, the fairies are! Let’s find some magic in your 5km, watch the clip below of a little fairy who loves walking in nature and identifying beautiful flowers! Take the activity sheet with you so you can sketch what you find!   https://youtu.be/UVyd4-KZU4c

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