14 September 2020

Food Miles Part 2 – How do reduce them?

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In the Part 1 of Food Miles we looked at where our food comes from, how far it has to travel and how this relates to climate change. Today we will learn about three ways we can reduce our Food Miles. This resource pack includes a video highlighting 3 ways we can reduce our Food Miles [...]

14 September 2020

DIY Bike Rim Wreaths

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Celebrate your love of cycling by creating a beautiful Bike Rim Wreath. All you need is paint, natural materials, string and an old bike rim of course. Why not create a personalised wreath for your cycling buddy’s garden? This is a simple yet very effective activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Click on [...]

14 September 2020

Draw or make bike art

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In this video Travel Officer Sorcha Brophy will guide you through how to draw your own bike using simple shapes. You can make your drawing as easy or as complicated as you like! https://youtu.be/YXCk5iijpiQ why not get crafty and create a bike picture using bits n pieces found around your home, such as bottle lids, [...]

14 September 2020

Exploring Bus Transport

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Do you love technical drawing? Try you hand at copying some of these bus specification drawings or simply colour them in (maybe you can use your county colours!). Learn about the fleet size and capacities of local and city buses. Click on the green download but to get started.

14 September 2020

Active Travel Planning and Design – ‘City in a Box’

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Follow this ten minute video guide for inspiration where Green-Schools Officer Rebecca will give you some ideas on how to build your very own sustainable city. Cities and towns are often planned and built with only adults in mind. But did you know that by law children fully have the right to participate in public [...]

5 August 2020

Up-cycled Crab

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A great way to reduce waste is by up-cycling used materials. Learn how to make a cute up-cycled  crab. Did you know there are 850 species of crab in the World?! Ghost crab, spider crab, fiddler crab, but to name a few…what will yours be?! Tag us with your creations @GreenSchoolsIre #GreenSchoolsStayHome

31 July 2020

Up-cycled Jellyfish

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Jellyfish - mysterious, ancient and 90% water, try make your own… A great way to reduce waste is by up-cycling used materials. Learn how to make a cute up-cycled jellyfish.

31 July 2020

Up-cycled Octopus

2020-07-31T09:15:45+00:00By |

Did you know that octopus are one of the most intelligent invertebrates? They also have three hearts and blue blood! Try your hand at making these cute up-cycled octopus out of toilet rolls.

31 July 2020

DIY Face Scrub

2020-07-31T08:55:13+00:00By |

Do you want to make a step forward in protecting our marine environment from microbeads while taking care of your skin? If your answer is yes, you will be pleased: Below are few very easy recipes to create your own home-made, completely natural, pollutant free face scrub! Learn how to make your own natural face [...]

31 July 2020

Up-cycled Fish

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A great way to reduce waste is by up-cycling used materials. Learn how to make a cute up-cycled fish from a toilet roll tube.

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