Stay Home Litter and Waste – Week C

Monday Activity –  Global Waste Facts 

Age Group: Primary 

Litter and waste effects every inch of our Globe sadly. Learn about litter facts from Scotland, to Spain, to Australia, to the USA and back again. Why not research some statistics on waste in Ireland using the worksheet below?

Litter around the World Fact Sheet

Tuesday Activity – Litter and Waste Games

Age Group: Primary Junior

There seems to be an awful lot of litter around here! Can you find your way through the maze and spot the litter difference at the park? Maybe you could have fun colouring in this printer friendly activity sheet too.

Maze and Spot the Difference

Wednesday Activity – Egg Carton Buggey Woogies!

Age Group: Primary

We just love these cute Buggey Woogies made my Greens-Schools Officer Caterina MacNamara! Why not go outside and identify lots of bugs for inspiration and than up-cycle an egg carton cup with bits and bobs from your craft box? If you don’t have googly eyes click here to learn how to make some at home!

Thursday Lesson – Fast Fashion

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary 

The clothing & textile industry is the second largest contributor to global pollution. We use a wide range of resources to make our clothing and textiles. However weather we get those raw material is from a plant, an animal or crude oil, the process of making textiles is both energy-demanding and pollutant-intensive, involving huge amounts of water, energy, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Learn more about this in the fact sheet below. Want to help divert textile waste to landfill? Try up-cycling an old tee-shirt into a new tote bag!

Fast Fashion Fact Sheet

Friday Share – Neat Streets Challenges you to be an Eco-Warrior!

Age Group: Primary Senior

Neat Streets has created a special edition resource for the Green-Schools Stay Home project. Watch the introduction clip by Neat Streets Officer Stephen and check out the Neat Streets Stay Home Survival Guide by clicking the blue file below. Become the Eco Warrior you were meant to be!!! Share your success @GreenSchoolsIre