Stay Home Marine Environment – Sample Week B

Monday Lesson –  Learn about the Puffin 

Age Group: Primary

Puffins are one of our most beautiful and recognisable seabirds; find out more about them with our fact sheet!

Puffin Fact Sheet

Tuesday Activity – Arts & Crafts Up-cycled Octopus 

Age Group: All

Did you know that octopus are one of the most intelligent invertebrates? They also have three hearts and blue blood! This week in our up-cycled crafts we make octopus out of toilet rolls…

How to make an Up-cycled Octopus

Wednesday Activity – Plastic Oceans UK: Our Ocean

Age Group: Secondary

Why are our oceans so important? How do they work and why do we need them? Check out this great video by Plastic Oceans UK and then take our quiz!

Ocean Plastic Quiz

Thursday Activity – Memory Game

Age Group: Primary

Dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom (besides humans!) – how good is your memory? Play our marine memory game to find out!


Marine Memory Game


Friday Share – Green-Schools Marine Environment Conference 2020

Age Group: All

Every January, we celebrate our Oceans at the Green-Schools Marine Environment Conference, take a look at our video to see what we got up to this year!