Scoot to School Week may be over for another year but we’re still looking for your SOW numbers!

Win Micro Scooters

square logoThis year we’re pleased to announce that Micro Scooters have given us scooting goodies to share with schools. By returning your school’s numbers for National SOW Day you will be entered into a draw to win scooters and scooting goodies.

Micro Scooters are the leading children’s scooter provider in Ireland and the UK and have been providing fun filled family scooting moments for over 10 years.  The Micro Scooters Scoot Safe scheme teaches children, parents and teachers how to use scooters on the pavements with care and courtesy.  You can find free lesson plans, after school activity ideas and tips on how to teach children to scoot safely on their website.

Scooter parking

We will also be offering one school a chance to win installed scooter parking this National Scoot to School Week. Just send in your numbers for National SOW Day!

Let us know

If your school celebrated National SOW Day send in your numbers to us via text (086 031 1412) email ( or send us back the slip sent with posters to many schools. Contact us if you have any questions.