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Resources to help with your Green-Schools programme are sorted into three categories: the theme you are working on, whether your school is primary or secondary and which of the seven steps you would like to focus on.

As with all school activities the Green-Schools programme should always be operated with Health & Safety considerations in mind. Schools should not undertake Green-Schools activities which contravene the schools Health & Safety procedures and policy. If there is any doubt of an activity, doing so it should be firstly checked with the person responsible for the school’s Health & Safety policy and procedures.


Framed Bug Hotel

Green-Schools takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own framed Bug Hotel. All you need is a scissors, string, three plastic bottles, scrap wood, a tack hammer and tacks and to go foraging for dried autumn debris. It’s fairly easy, and can be completed by students of secondary level or Read More

Top Trumps Nature Quiz

Let’s find out more about some of fastest, tallest and oldest wildlife in Ireland and learn about the superpowers some creatures have! What is the fastest animal? Who can release a bad smell to defend itself?? Test your knowledge and find out some fun facts in our “Top Trumps Nature Quiz! Click the image below Read More

Bee Quiz

Can you tell a honeybee from a bumblebee? Are you Queen-Bee or do you need to do some more bumble-work to get full marks? Take our Green-Schools Bee quiz and find out, by clicking on the image below.   You might have also found this resource fun as part of the Green-Schools Stay Home Project Read More

Origami Bees

Celebrate bees with Green-Schools by making origami buzzing bees and and learn some cool facts about our flying pals. This video is a step-by-step guide to make an Origami Bee and is suitable for senior primary students or secondary students. All you will need is some paper and some concentration! You might have also found Read More

Spud Breakout!

Try this fun experiment, designed by Kew Gardens for our Great Plant Hunt Project, to discover more about what plants need to help them grow and end up with some cool potato art!

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Nettle Fertiliser

This nettle plant feed has such a simple method and creates a great concentrated tomato-feed. Keep feeding nettles into a jar half filled with water, add more water as needed. The smell of the rotting nettles is mighty and its advised to wear a mask or scarf over your mouth and nose. The nettles rot Read More

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Origami Frog

Celebrate frogs with Green-Schools by making origami jumping frogs and learning about Ireland’s only frog species, the Common Frog. This video is a step-by-step guide to make an Origami Frog and is suitable for senior primary students or secondary students. For more information on the Common Frog, click here. All you will need is some Read More

Animal Groups Test

Do you may know the common groups invertebrates, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, but do you know your crustaceans from arachnids or a mollusc from an arthropod? All animals can be sorted into a specific group. A robin is a bird, a fox is a mammal, a frog is an amphibian, etc. Insects are Read More