Friday, March 16th is the deadline for schools to apply to renew the Green Flag award under our various themes. If you are unsure if your school is due to renew please contact us as soon as possible to find out, to avoid a delay.

Before submitting your application form you must arrange a renewal visit with your local Environment Awareness Officer or Green-Schools Officer. Please contact us if you are unsure who to contact to arrange this visit.

What is a renewal visit?

A renewal visit takes places during the second year of your Green-Schools programme. Renewal visits are carried out either by your Local Authority Environment Awareness Officer or by An Taisce Green-Schools staff. The purpose of the visit is so that Green-Schools can see you have an active Green-Schools programme in operation and that you have been maintaining previous themes in addition to working on your current theme. You do not need to have completed every step before the renewal visit, however this will need to be achieved prior to submitting your application. During the visit you will have the opportunity to show the assessor documentation such as folders, newsletters, posters, photos etc of your work and achievements over the past two years. To arrange your renewal visit please contact your local authority’s Environment Awareness Officer or Green-Schools.

A few tips when completing the online forms:


  • Unsure of how to sign up to use the forms? Watch this video for information.
  • Press ‘save for later’ whenever you want to leave the form, not after each step
  • The Submit button is final: after pressing submit you will no longer be able to access your form
  • Following submission an email is sent automatically to you from with the contents of your submission; this email may go to your spam folder.
  • When a file has been successfully uploaded you will see the file’s name with a red circle beside it. You will not be able to see your document/photo when it has been uploaded. Click on the red circle to delete your upload.
  • When moving back and forth in the form use the Next and Previous buttons, not your browser’s back button.
  • Visit our apply page for more information, including a link to Log In after you have signed up to use the forms.
  • Please contact us with any queries you have.