Every year schools from all across the country work towards their Green-Flag for the Global Citizenship: Marine Environment theme. However, not all schools live beside the coast, and we are often asked how the Marine theme can be made relevant to inland schools. With this in mind, we are excited to share “When the River meets the Sea” – our new resource for inland schools, and schools struggling to make the connection to our coasts and oceans.

In this presentation resource, we look at how the ocean is critical to all life on Earth, how our day-to-day lives rely on the ocean, no matter where we live, and how important it is to protect our rivers, not only for their own sake, but also because they link upland environments to the sea.  Accompanying the presentation are two simple activity worksheets to allow students to think about our rivers and our oceans, their similarities and differences, and the intrinsic connection between these two habitats.

The “When the River meets the Sea” presentation is aimed at Senior Primary but may be suitable from fourth class up to first year in Secondary School, we hope you enjoy learning more about why the ocean is so important, and how we can ALL play a part in protecting it.

When the River Meets the Sea Resource
River and Ocean Drawing Worksheet
River and Ocean Comparison Worksheet