Neat Streets is Ireland’s #1 Anti-Litter and Waste Prevention Programme for Secondary Schools. Neat Streets supports the Green-Schools programme and works with schools to help tackle litter and waste. On record, 90% of all participating schools go on to achieve the green flag status. The programme is divided up into several primary stages over the academic year from registration to awards. Some schools on the programme will be in year 1 or year 2 of the GS litter & waste theme, others are working on the Global Citizenship flag for litter waste, some schools are taking part as a CSPE or transition year action project, and some schools return to litter & waste theme if they have deferred on other flags for too long.

Are you a stubborn eco enthusiast? Or maybe, feeling like you’ve been thrown in the deep end? Here’s how the programme can support you!

  • Easy to follow staged process
  • Mindset, Mentoring, and leadership on environmental issues
  • Effective methods for engaging students on topic of litter & waste
  • An enjoyable and creative space which ensures progress
  • Structure and planning guidance
  • High-Quality Resources
  • Effective school improvement
  • Appropriate and up to date topics
  • Grant, Clean up Equipment, and branded merchandise
  • An environmental programme designed specifically for generation Z!

  The Neat Streets Programme can facilitate the following:

  • Curriculum Linkages
  • A CSPE Action Project
  • A Transition Year Project
  • Support with Green-Schools Litter & Waste Flag
  • Support with Green-Schools Global Citizenship Litter & Waste Flag

To learn more and register for the Neat Streets Programme please visit our official website:

To date, we’ve supported over 300 Secondary Schools with their litter & waste journey. Check out some of their Success Stories:

If interested, please register ASAP spaces are limited. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. We’ll take things from there!!!