Investigate Forests is an exciting new project that allows students to learn about the importance of trees and forests. 100 schools around the country, who are working on the Biodiversity theme have signed up to take part this year. The project is being run jointly by LEAF (Learning About Forests) and Green Schools and is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Every school taking part will receive two hands on workshops which will explore the many benefits of trees and their positive impact on the environment. Students will discover the role trees play in their everyday lives and investigate the range of products they use which come from trees. This project gives students the opportunity to spend time outdoors learning through games and practical activities. The project aims to allow every school to plant a native Irish tree on their grounds as well as giving each student the opportunity to plant an acorn they will watch grow into an Oak. Thanks to Coillte for the 10,000 acorns required for our project!


Students will also investigate the different habitats found around their school and what life they support. They may even be able to work out the oldest and tallest trees in their school. This project will create a better awareness and understanding in students of the importance of trees for our future and will provide a positive and fun experience of learning about their local environment.