Stay Home Water – Week 8

Bank Holiday Monday!

As it’s a bank holiday Monday we’ve moved our Water Idea to Tuesday and we suggest you take a well deserved break from activities today!

Tuesday Water Idea – Make a Mayfly

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

The mayfly is an important freshwater species, learn more about them and make one of your own to decorate your home or give as a gift.

Download: Make a Mayfly

Download: Mayfly Cut-out

Wednesday Water Watch
The Story of Water (Chapter: Wastewater)

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

This weeks Wednesday Water Watch is a chapter from ‘The Story of Water’ on Wastewater. It discusses the facts that raw sewage is released into the water around Ireland’s coastline and the impacts it has on our lives and the environment. Watch the video and test your knowledge with the quiz below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Waste Water Video

Thursday Activity – Heron Fact Sheet

Age Group: Primary and Secondary


Check out our fact sheet to find out more about one of Ireland’s most distinctive birds – the Grey Heron!

Download: The Heron Fact Sheet

Friday Share –
Water Ambassador Mind Map and Stickers

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

One of our Green-Schools Water Ambassadors, Anna, has shared her water mind map and water drop stickers with us. Why not learn about water with her mind map and cut her stickers out and stick them where it will remind people to save water.

Download: The Water Mind Map

Download: The Save Water Stickers

We have had fantastic water ambassadors this year and the work from our schools working on the water theme has been amazing. Look out next week for our sponsor Irish Water’s congratulatory video for all those who worked hard for water this year.