Stay Home Water – Week 6

Monday Water Idea – Water Creature Art

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Our Monday idea this week is to learn about some interesting creatures that live in our seas and rivers and become inspired to make your own water creature using household materials.

Download: Water Creature Art Activity

Tuesday Activity – Rainbow in a Glass Experiment

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

Today we explore density in water by making a rainbow in a glass with this easy experiment, click below to find out how!

Download: Rainbow in a Glass Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
From Drain to Sea

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Do you know what happens to our wastewater? From Drain to Sea is a short video that looks at the various stages our wastewater goes through before it can be released back to rivers and sea. After watching have fun doing the quiz below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for From Drain to Sea

Thursday Activity – Otter Fact Sheet

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

Today we learn about the Eurasian otter. Otters depend on our freshwater habitats for their livelihood. Find out more in our fact-sheet below!

Download: The Otter Fact Sheet

Friday Share –
What Being A Water Ambassador Means To Us 

Age Group: Secondary

Two students, Aisling and Alison, from Manor House school share what being a Green-Schools Water Ambassador means to them. They talk about their training, sites visited, people they met, what they learned and the actions they took back at school. Read more here: Water Ambassador Blog Piece