Stay Home Water – Week 5

Monday Water Idea – Eco Car Wash Challenge

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Has your car been under aerial attack from local birds? If so, try out an eco car wash to fight back! Click the link to learn more and carry out the challenge!

Download: Eco Car Wash Challenge

Tuesday Activity – Rain Gauge Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary

How do we know that if there has been more rain this year than last year?

How do we measure how much rain has fallen?

We can use a rain gauge.

And you can build your own by downloading the instructions below.

Download: Rain Gauge Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
The Story of Water – Treatment Process

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Do you know what happens to your drinking water before it reaches your tap? Check out this weeks Wednesdays Water Watch video on the Drinking Water Treatment Process and carry out the fun quiz to learn more!

Download: Quiz Sheet for The Story of Water Treatment Process

Thursday Activity – Kingfisher Fact Sheet

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Have you ever seen a Kingfisher? Today we learn about one of our most beautiful river birds! Click the link for our Kingfisher fact & activity sheet!

Download: The Kingfisher Fact Sheet

Friday Share – Interactive Water Activity

Age Group: Primary

Green- Schools would like to share our interactive PDF for primary schools looking to learn about water. It investigates the journey of a water drop, water conservation, climate change and water people.

Download: The Interactive Water Activity