Stay Home Water – Week 4

Monday Water Idea – Take a Break

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

It’s a bank holiday so we thought it might be a good time to take a break from our water activities and have a fresh start again tomorrow!

Tuesday Activity – Water Filter Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary

Flushing wipes down the toilet can clog up pipes, treatment plants and the environment.

Find out how this happens with our wipe experiment.

Download: Wipe Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
The Story of Water – Conservation

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Today’s Wednesday Water Watch is a chapter from ‘The Story of Water’ on Conservation. It looks at the issues our water faces, how we use water and concludes with what we can do to help. Watch it here and then have fun doing the quiz on the link below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for The Story of Water Conservation

Thursday Activity – Water Xylophone

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Did you know that sound travels 4 times faster through water than through air? In this experiment we make our own water xylophone and see what kind of different sounds we can make!

Download: How to Make a Water Xylophone

Friday Share – St.Mary’s Water Ambassador’s

Age Group: Secondary/All

Students from St Mary’s Special School in Cork have been outstanding participants in the Green-Schools Water Ambassador programme over the past two years. Just look at their Green-Schools web page with all the water actions they’ve done, along with an amazing Climate Emergency rap.

  In this video, we hear about what Aine, Omon, and Patrycja have learned and enjoyed from their experience!