Stay Home Water – Week 2

Monday Water Idea – Virtual Water

Age Group: Primary (Senior), Secondary

Today’s idea is to learn about virtual water and guess the virtual water content of everyday products in your home.


Download: Virtual Water Activity

Tuesday Activity – Plastic Jellyfish Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior

Sea creatures, like turtles, often mistake plastic bags and wrapping as jellyfish that they can eat. Eating the plastic can cause them damage. Today’s activity shows how they can mistake plastic as jellyfish.

Download: Plastic Jellyfish Experiment

Earth Day Wednesday Water Watch
The Life Cycle of a T-Shirt

Age Group: Secondary

For Earth Day our Wednesday Water Watch is about the life cycle of a t-shirt across the world. It looks at how and where the average cotton t-shirt is made, and what the global social and environmental impact is of this process. Watch it here and have fun doing the quiz after.

Download: Quiz Sheet for The Life Cycle of a T-Shirt

Thursday Activity – Taste Test Hidden Pollutant Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary (Junior Cycle)

Litter is easy to spot but what about the #pollution we can’t see? This fun experiment demonstrates how our rivers and lakes can contain chemical pollutants that aren’t always visible to the naked eye! Litter is easy to spot but what about the pollution we can’t see?

Download: Taste Test Hidden Pollutants Experiment

Friday Share – Gort Community School Video

Age Group: Secondary/All

Gort Community School has shared a video with Green-Schools showing their fantastic work on the Green-Schools Water Ambassador programme this year 2020. Check their video out here: