Stay Home Water – Week 11

With the primary schools finishing we won’t be having Stay Home Water activities every week from now on. However, we will have a full week of video watching from the 13th of July. So put that in your diary. We’ll also be putting up some extra activities through out the summer. While in August we’ll be putting out some of our best Stay Home activities translated in Irish for two weeks. So don’t miss that. Throughout the summer you can also go back on activities you might have missed to keep you entertained at home.

To mark the last week of the term we have an exciting photo competition on water conservation. Please see below.

Monday Water Idea – Water Conservation Photo Competition

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Today we’re launching an exciting photo competition week!

We want school students to do water conservation and the parents to share photos of them on Twitter and/or Instagram.

The best 5 will win waterproof cameras. 💦📷

Click here to find out all about the photo competition

Tuesday Activity – Create a Caddisfly Case

Age Group: Primary & Secondary

Learn about the fascinating caddisfly and try your hand at creating your very own caddisfly and unique case!

Download: Create a Caddisfly Case

Wednesday Water Watch
Video of the Caddisfly

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

‘Sticky. Stretchy. Waterproof. The Amazing Underwater Tape of the Caddisfly’ is part of the ‘Deep Look’ short video series created by KQED San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios. It investigates the underwater life of the caddisfly and how they make their cases. Watch the fascinating video and carry out the related quiz below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Caddisfly Video

Thursday Activity – Make an Underwater Viewer

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary


Summer’s here! Find out how to make your own Underwater Viewer from an up-cycled plastic bottle 🙂

Download: The Underwater Viewer Activity

Friday Share –
Waterford County and City Council’s ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ teachers handbooks

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

This week we are sharing Waterford County and City Councils teachers handbooks that relate to the ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ campaign that encourages people to take three pieces of plastic litter with them when they leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere!

Download: The Primary Three for the Sea Handbook

Download: The Secondary Three for the Sea Handbook