Stay Home Water – Week 10

Monday Water Idea – Eco Friendly Cleaning Product

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Why not try and make your own cleaner, saving a trip to shops, saving money and helping the environment!


Download: Make Your Own Eco-Cleaner Activity

Tuesday Activity – Ghost Hand Experiment

Age Group: Primary

Do some spooky science with this easy ghost hand experiment!

Download: Ghost Hand Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
The Riptide Movement Plastic Oceans Web Series – Episode 1

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

This week’s Wednesday Water Watch is Episode 1 from The Riptide Movement’s Plastic Oceans web series. The band journeys across the country investigating the issue of marine plastic and discussing its impacts on us and the environment and various solutions to these problems. Watch the video and carry out the related quiz below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Riptide Movement’s Plastic Oceans

Thursday Activity – Learn About Salmon

Age Group: Primary and Secondary


This week we learn about the Atlantic Salmon – find out about the lifecycle of this amazing fish and how they spend their lives migrating between freshwater and the ocean!

Download: The Salmon Fact Sheet

Friday Share –
Irish Water Congratulations Video

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

It has been a fantastic year for achievements by schools working on getting their Water Flags this year. More than a half billion litres of water was saved this year! Watch this congratulations message from our sponsors Irish Water