Stay Home Water – Week 1

Monday Water Idea – Evaporation

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary (Junior Cycle)

Download Experiment

Tuesday Activity – Water Pollution Celery Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary (Junior Cycle)

Today’s water activity explores pollution in water and how it could get into food.
Click on the link below to find out what to do. Give it a go and let us know how you got on.

Download: Water Pollution Celery Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch

Age Group: Secondary

Today’s water clip is a story of bottled water. It looks at the use of bottled water in the US, the lifecycle of the water bottle and some environmentally friendly choices we can make. After you have watched it you can have fun answering the quiz below. Do it by yourself or with friends online.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Story of Bottled Water

Thursday Activity – Climate Change and Oceans Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary (Junior Cycle)

In this activity, we investigate how water absorbs heat, and the important role our #oceans play in slowing down the effects of #climatechange! We’d love to see your photos and videos of this one! Grab an adult and give it a go.

Download: Climate Change and Oceans Experiment

Friday Share – Water Competition Winners

Age Group: Secondary/All

We received lots of brilliant entries into our Secondary Schools Water Video Competition – it was our first time running a water video competition at Green-Schools and we were so excited to see what you came up with! The winners of the competition were the Green-Schools committee from Ballymakenny College in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

We loved their video because it showcased all the amazing climate actions they are taking in their school to help the environment – like installing water fountains to reduce plastic bottle waste, and harvesting rainwater to flush their toilets. We also loved that they involved their community, interviewing the Irish Coast Guard and carrying out a beach clean-up. Finally, it was clear that a lot of thought and creativity went into the filming and editing of this video, and it looks like they had a lot of fun making it too!

Their prize is a videography workshop at their school and €500 to go towards video equipment or their Green-Schools committee! You can check out Ballymakenny’s winning entry at the link below. Well done Ballymakenny Green-Schools Committee! 😊