Stay Home Water – Week 3

Monday Water Idea – Shower Time Challenge

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Our Monday idea is to try the Shower Time Challenge. This is where you learn the amount of water used in showers, guess your own shower length and time it, to reveal your water use. Do you think your guess will come close? Who will be the water saving champion in your house?

Download: Shower Time Challenge

Tuesday Activity – Water Filter Experiment

Age Group: Primary Junior and Senior, Secondary

How do we ensure the water coming into our taps is clean? Well, one stage of cleaning our water is called filtration. Today’s experiment shows how this works.

Download: Water Filter Experiment

Wednesday Water Watch
Cloud to Glass

Age Group: Primary Junior

Today’s Wednesday Water Watch is about the journey of a water drop to our taps. It looks at how water evaporates to form clouds, travels back down to the ground as rain, and supports all plant and animal life; but before it reaches our taps it has to be cleaned! After watching it you can have fun doing the quiz.

Download: Quiz Sheet for Cloud to Glass

Thursday Activity – Sink The Boat Experiment

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Why do some objects sink while others float? In this experiment we investigate sinking and floating by building our own tin-foil boats. How much will your boat be able to carry? 😉

Download: Sink The Boat Experiment

Friday Share – Presentation on Plastic and the Ocean

Age Group: Secondary/All

A Green-Schools water ambassador in St. Louis, Dundalk, created a presentation all about plastic and the ocean to raise awareness in her school community. It investigates the process involved in making plastic, how it affects our oceans and what we can do to help. .

Download: The Plastic and Ocean Presentation