Stay Home Water – Watch Week

Monday Water Watch – Our Water from Cloud to Glass

Age Group: Junior Primary

Today’s Water Watch is about the journey of a water drop to our taps. It looks at how water evaporates to form clouds, travels back down to the ground as rain and supports all plant and animal life but before it reaches our taps it has to be cleaned!
After watching have fun doing the quiz here:

Download: Quiz for From Cloud to Glass

Tuesday Water Watch
The Water Treatment Process

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Do you know what happens to your drinking water before it reaches your tap? Check out today’s Water Watch video on the Drinking Water Treatment Process and carry out the fun quiz to learn more!

Download: Quiz Sheet for Drinking Water Treatment Process

Wednesday Water Watch
Save Water to Help the Earth

Age Group: Primary

Do you want to learn some handy water saving tips to save water and energy?
If so, check out the videos and test your knowledge by doing the fun quizzes here!

Download: Quiz Sheet for Water Saving by Wondergrove Kids

Download: Quiz Sheet for Irish Water Saving Tips

Thursday Water Watch
Green-Schools 7 Steps for Water in Action

Age Group: Primary

Are you interested in learning about what you can do at your school when you are on the Green-Schools water theme? If so, check out this short video on the Green-Schools 7 Steps for Water in Action and test yourself with the quiz!

Download: Quiz Sheet for 7 Steps for Water Action


Friday Water Watch
From Drain to Sea

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

Do you know what happens to our wastewater? From Drain to Sea is a short video that looks at the various stages our wastewater goes through before it can be released back to rivers and sea.

Download: Quiz Sheet for From Drain to Sea