Stay Home Marine Environment – Sample Week A 

Monday Lesson –  Plastic Soup

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Welcome to Green-Schools Stay Home, Marine Environment! In our first activity we explore plastic pollution and the impact it has on our oceans. See below to learn more & complete our Plastic Soup activity 🙂 Click here to access our resources for going plastic-free!

Download Plastic Soup Activity

Tuesday Craft Activity –  Up-cycled Fish

Age Group: Primary 

A great way to reduce waste is by up-cycling used materials. Today we learn how to make an up-cycled fish from a toilet roll tube!

Loo Roll Fishy

Wednesday Activity – Story of Stuff: Microbeads

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Plastic microbeads were recently banned in Ireland…but many people didn’t even know they existed! So, what are microbeads anyway? Check out the Story of Stuff video about microbeads and do our quiz!

Take the Quiz

Thursday Activity – Make your own face scrub!

Age group: Senior Primary & Secondary

In today’s marine activity you can learn how to make your own eco-friendly face scrub!

DIY Face Scrub

Friday Share – Learn about Molluscs

Age Group: Secondary

Marine Biodiversity is so rich with life, and we explore in brief the world of seashells, showcasing some of the features, and a display.