Stay Home Water Week 9 – Conserve Water Week!

With all the dry weather recently and the higher demand on water we need to conserve water more than ever. We need to ensure that water is available for everyone for essential water use such as hand-washing. To help you can do simple actions like stopping the use of power-washers at home; using a watering can rather than a hose in the garden; or taking showers over baths. To help further we have decided to have all our activities for this week about saving water. Enjoy doing the activities and please pass on the lessons you learn to your family and friends. Let us know how you get on and use the hashtag #ConserveWater if sharing on social media.


Monday  Save Water Idea – Eco Car Wash Challenge

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Has your car been under aerial attack from local birds? If so, try out an eco car wash to fight back! Learn more about car washes and how to carry out eco car wash to complete the challenge!

Download: Eco Car Wash Challenge

Tuesday Save Water Idea – Shower Time Challenge

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Try the Shower Time Challenge. This is where you learn the amount of water used in showers, guess your own shower length and time it, to reveal your water use. Do you think your guess will come close? Who will be the water saving champion in your house?

Download: Shower Time Challenge

Wednesday Save Water Watch
The Story of Water – Conservation

Age Group: Senior Primary and Secondary

This weeks Wednesday Water Watch is a chapter from ‘The Story of Water’ on Conservation linking in with our Water Saving Week. It looks at the issues our water faces, how we use water and concludes with what we can do to help. Watch the video and test your water conservation knowledge below.

Download: Quiz Sheet for The Story of Water Conservation

Thursday Activity – Pot, Sow and Water

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Learn about plants, their importance and how to look after them while still saving water! Also, carry out the create your own pot, sow and water activity

Download: Plant, Sow and Water Activity

Friday Share –
Irish Water Conservation Tips

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

This Friday we want to share some useful water saving tips we found on the Irish Water website along with a quick and easy to remember video.

Visit their website here:

and watch the video below.