Stay Home Biodiversity – Sample Week C

Monday Activity – Build a Bird’s Nest

Age Group: Primary 

Ever wondered how birds are able to build their own nests just using their beaks and feet? See how difficult it is for you with your hands! Can you build one good enough to keep an egg safe??

Build a Nest

Tuesday Activity- Spud Breakout!

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Try this fun experiment, designed by Kew Gardens for our Great Plant Hunt Project, to discover more about what plants need to help them grow and end up with some cool potato art!

Make a Spud-box

Wednesday Activity – Origami Bees for World Bee Day

Age Group: Secondary

We are all a-buzz about World Bee Day this May 20th. Make an origami bee with Green-Schools Officer Allison and learn some cool facts about our flying pals.

Thursday Activity – Have you got your Bee Facts Straight?

Age Group: Primary and Secondary

Can you tell a honeybee from a bumblebee? Are you Queen Bee or do you need to do some more bumble-work to get full marks? Take our quiz and find out, by clicking on the image below.

Friday Activity –  Bioblitz! for International Biodiversity Day

Age Group: Primary 

Celebrate International Biodiversity Day, May 22nd with us by taking part in a Bioblitz! Race around your garden or local area and count how many living things you can find! Make sure you share your findings with us on social media!

Bioblitz Activity Sheet


Bird Spotter Sheet


Crawling Bugs Spotter Sheet


Flying Insect Spotter Sheet


Grassland Spotter Sheet