Book: Biblioburro: a true story from Colombia by Jeanette Winter 

Links to Goal: Goal 4 Quality Education 

Global Goals Book Club is back after the summer break! Let’s dive back into school by learning about Global Goal 4: Quality Education. In Biblioburro: a true story from Colombia by Jeanette Winter one man, Luis, shares his love of books with children living in remote villages of Colombia. His journey to these areas is treacherous, with the sun beating down and bandits around the corner. With his trusty burros Alpha and Beta carrying the abundance of books, they won’t let anything stop them! Start your school year with an exploration into Global Goal 4: Quality education with Biblioburro: a true story from Colombia and the accompanying activities! 

¡Vamos! It’s story time! 


Age group: Junior infants – Fifth class 

Create your very own Biblioburro like Luis’s – click the link or image below to download the activity While you are getting creative check out Luis in action by watching the video. 

Age Group: Senior Infants – 5th class 

In the story we read about how Luis travels all over Colombia sharing his favourite books with children. Think about what books you would like to share with others most:  

Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class

Luis showed a lot of great qualities throughout the story, explore these qualities more and his admirable actions:  

Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class 

There were lots of new words you read, test your knowledge, and add them to your vocabulary: 

Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class 

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end with important details, think back to the book and arrange them in the correct order they happened:   

Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class 

There were lots of exciting events that happened in the story, test your memory and knowledge:  

Age Group: 1st class – 3rd class 

For every action there is a reaction! Think about events in the story and what caused them to happen: 

Age Group: 1st class – 4th class 

The Biblioburro is the only library many of these children will have ever experienced. Think about the library you visit and how it is both different and similar:  

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