Book: The Earth Book, by Todd Parr

Links to Goal: Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being

Hi Everyone! Thursday, April 22 is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event to honour the Earth and to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We need our earth to feed us, give us shelter and provide a habitat for all living things but most importantly we need it to be healthy and feel well. Therefore, we have decided to link this month Book Club to Global Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being. This month’s book club will be suitable for the smallest amongst us: pre-schools, junior and senior infants and first class. The book is accompanied by easy, fun activities and our own storytellers Arran and Linda have contributed some lovely stories and activities of their own.

First, you can listen to The Earth Book by Todd Parr:

Scavenger Hunt Activity

How about getting your pupils to go on a scavenger hunt to help them really appreciate the outdoors and nature? Click on the image to download pdf.

Earth Art

While the children have collected some nice bits from nature they might have a go at creating some Earth Art. You can join Linda creating a sculpture with natural materials below and download a World Earth Day outdoor activity guide by clicking the image on right.

Mindful Photo Walk

Now for our link to Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-Being: why don’t you take advantage of the nicer weather and take your students on a mindful photo walk? Click on image to download pdf.

Listen to Arran telling the story of Old Father Rock:

Time to create some more Earth Art with Arran creating an Earth Pizza and Earth Crown:

Enjoy and Happy Earth Day from the Global Citizenship Team!