Book: Children of the World written by Tessa Strickland and Kate DePalma, illustrated by David Dean

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Children of the World first published by Barefoot Books, Inc. Written by Tessa Strickland and Kate DePalma. Illustrated by David Dean. Reproduced with kind permission

This is a beautiful story that explores the lives of many children across the world, celebrating the everyday moments that connect all of us. Put on your explorer’s cap because you’ll trek across the earth learning about different children’s stories from their families to language and even food! This delightful journey will both arouse thoughts and promote discussions around how we are more alike than different.

Get comfortable and get ready go on an adventure across the world!


Age group: junior infants-second class

Before we start the other activities lets get our wiggles out with this fun sing-along with a great message!

Age Group: senior infants-first class

There was so many pictures of delicious food in the book! Let’s get thinking about the food we eat, and what food we would try around the world.

Food Activity Sheet

Age Group: First to Third Class

This book gave us an insight on so many different children’s lives, to get a better understanding of where each child is from take a look at the mapping activity below:

Mapping Activity Sheet

Age Group: Senior Primary

Hello! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Fill in the activity below to learn more about languages around the world:

Language Activity Sheet

Age Group: Primary

A timeline is a tool used to organize dates, fill out a timeline of your life and share your story below:

Timeline Activity Sheet

Age Group: Primary

Barefoot Books, the first publisher, created an amazing toolkit filled with more fun activities for you to enjoy! Check them out:

Barefoot Books Toolkit

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