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World Oceans Day

08 June 2021

Celebrate the seas with Green-Schools on June 8th as we mark World Oceans Day. This international event aims to raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and the role they play in keeping our planet healthy.  

Our Oceans are vital to maintaining our planet’s health. They create oxygen for us to breathe, soak up Carbon Dioxide, provide us with food and medicines and even control our climate. But our Oceans are facing challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution; we must act now and save our seas.    

Let’s spread the word this World Oceans Day! Plan a plastic free lunch in your school, create an Ocean Pledge or take part in our ‘Think Big’ Lesson plan.  

Share the fun with us on social media by tagging @GreenSchoolsIre on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


June 8, 2021