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Beyond the Bike: #andshecycles Research & Ambassador Programme

14 September 2021

Join the #andshecycles Campaign for a Bike Week 2021 event featuring the latest on our #andshecycles Research and hear from three #andshecycles Ambassadors on their experiences and plans.

Event will feature:

  • Presentation on the latest research into the cycling gender gap among young people in Ireland
  • Panel discussion with three #andshecycles Ambassadors
  • Q&A

This event is ideal for anyone interested in cycling culture in Ireland; for anyone who wants to learn more and understand why young women are not cycling in the same numbers as their male peers and for secondary school students who want to bring about change in their school and promote cycling better.

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Dr. Robert Egan: Dr. Robert Egan is a social scientist specialising in cycling mobilities and is the former Secondary Schools Development Officer of Green-Schools Travel. Completing his PhD in 2019, which focused on how people cycling in Dublin deal with matters of ‘Precarious Entitlement’ to public space, Robbie has primarily used qualitative approaches such as interviews and focus groups to explore the diverse experiences and practices of people cycling, and those who do not cycle, in Ireland. Robbie is passionate about using social theory and social research to inform policy and programmes that make cycling something that tackles rather than exacerbates social and health inequalities in Ireland.

Panel Moderator: Ciara Norton, Communications Officer, Green-Schools

Panel members:

  • Rhiannon Dolan, #andshecycles Ambassador
  • Isobella Quinn, #andshecycles Ambassador
  • Olivia Campbell, #andshecycles Ambassador


September 14, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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