Monday, October 14: Students from seven Dublin secondary schools gathered in the IFI Cinema today to launch Green-Schools’ Climate Action Week, the third annual weeklong celebration of climate solutions in schools across Ireland.

During Climate Action Week, Green-Schools hope to encourage students, teachers and the wider community to have climate conversations and get involved in local climate action, whether that be reducing their carbon footprint through improved transport, energy, waste or water choices, planting for biodiversity or raising awareness of how climate change is impacting Ireland.

Screening and art

At the IFI cinema the students watched the innovative environmental documentary 2040. Before the screening artist Maia Thomas created a collaborative canvas with the students of what their Dublin could look like in the year 2040. Lots of inspired climate solutions were included, from sustainable efficient transport, a city that prioritises the pedestrian, to indigenous renewable energy and a greener city overall with roof gardens, edible landscapes and wildlife corridors.

Following the screening the anonymous artist collective known as SUBSET presented their latest Climate Series to the students, showcasing how the creative form can send powerful environmental messages such as “the collision of nature and human waste”.

Week of events

Climate Action Week continues tomorrow with Ireland’s first Ocean Assembly for secondary school students in Ashbourne Community College. There will be a Climate Hope Forum in Mayo on Thursday and a gathering of Climate Ambassadors in Citywest on Saturday. Alongside these events schools will be signing Climate Action Pledges and aligning their work on the various Green-Schools themes with action for our climate.

Climate Action Week also marks the launch of applications to become a Climate Ambassador. From today you can apply as a secondary student, third level student or community member over 18 and join a network of people who are demonstrating true climate action on the ground across Ireland. More details can be found at