Stay Home Travel – Week H

Monday Lesson – #CelebrateCycling Interviews

Age Group: All 

To #celebratecycling Green-Schools has interviewed some young cyclists to learn about what cycling means to them. Tune in its as easy as riding a bike!

Monday Activity – Street Awareness  

Age Group: Primary 

With our love for cycling and walking, we are asking people to look at their local streets from a cyclist’s point of view.  Similar to the ‘walkability audits’ that Green-Schools students complete as part of their Travel flag, we want you to cycle on your local road, your route to school or wherever you have been enjoying recently and complete the activity sheet below.

The more we are aware of the hazards and infrastructure, or lack of, that surround us, the more we can make informed choices for improved future developments.  Do complete the activity sheet form and show us your results on Twitter or Facebook!  Happy cycling!

Monday Activity – Bicycle Parts Crossword

Age Group: Primary Senior

Do you know all the parts of your bike? Test your knowledge with our Bike Parts Crossword Puzzle by clicking the crossword below! Read the hint, fill in the blank, and when you are all done check your answers by clicking on the answer sheet button. Are you a bike expert or do you ‘wheely’ need a review?


Check your Answers


Monday Lesson – How to Teach your Child to Cycle

Age Group: All

Green Schools Travel Officer Edwina Coman has created a step-by-step video to show you how to teach your child to cycle. If your child can pedal and balance they will be well on their way to mastering the skill of cycling!

Tuesday Lesson – Cycling Using a Child Carrier and Towing Bar

Age Group: All

Travel Officer  Lukasz Krzywon talks about cycling with children using a carrier and the towing bar. Both of these are easy solutions to go longer distances with children who are less confident on the road or not fit for longer journeys. The towing bar can be also a very good way to bring your child’s bike to school and cycling home instead of using a car.

Tuesday Activity – Bling your Bike

Age Group: All

Here are a few bike based activities, using your arts and crafts skills, to give your bikes a fancy dress make-over. Decorating the bikes can happen at home, at a table or on the floor, in the bike yard, even in the garden, with the help of your parents/carers. A fun activity for the whole family!


Bling your Bike

Tuesday Activity – Let’s Draw a Bike

Age Group: All

In this video Travel Officer Sorcha Brophy will guide you through how to draw your own bike using simple shapes. You can make your drawing as easy or as complicated as you like!

Wednesday Lesson – Mini Bike Craft

Age Group: Primary

Green-Schools invites you to get crafty and create your own miniature bicycle out of recycled materials. This inspiring activity has been delivered in schools across the country since 2013 and this year we are inviting you to send in pictures of your creations. Click on the image below to get started!

Wednesday Activity – Bicycle Safe/Unsafe Test

Age Group: Junior and Senior Primary

Pump the brakes and test your knowledge on bike safety with our Safe/Unsafe Worksheet! Click on the image below to get started and then check your answers on the answer sheet.


Safe/Unsafe Answers

Thursday Podcast – #CelebrateCycling RTE Ecolution Podcast

Age Group: All

Wow, we just love RTÉjr’s latest #CelebrateCycling Podcast episode and we know you will too! Hear from Cycling Development Officer Allison Phillips, Green-Schools Travel Manger Jane Hackett, Green-Schools students Evie and Fraya, Secondary School Development Officer Robbie Egan, and #andshecycles panelists Davitt College’s Emer and Fiona Minish. Have a listen to get #CelebrateCycling inspired from people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences!

Listen to Episode

Thursday Webinar – #CelebrateCycling: Perspectives on Health, Growth & Transition

Age Group: All

In this webinar, a combination of speakers across the Irish cycling world will present three unique perspectives that give us cause to #CelebrateCycling. You will need a registered ticket to join the webinar.

Take me to Webinar


Thursday Lesson –  Sketch your Cycle

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

In this activity sheet you can write or draw about one of your happy positive cycling experiences. Where did it take place? Was anyone with you? Why did you enjoy it so much? What do you like about cycling? Let’s celebrate cycling together!

Cycle Sketch Worksheet


Thursday Activity –  Cyclability Audit

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Have you explored how cycle-friendly it is to your school or in your area? The roads have never been quieter – now is your chance to get out on your bike #CelebrateCycling and find your route! Travel Officer Sorcha recorded a cyclability audit for The Friary Boy’s in Dundalk – check it out and let us know if you have your own bike adventures.


Thursday Activity –  DIY Bike Rim Wreaths

Age Group: Primary Senior and Secondary

Celebrate your love of cycling by creating a beautiful Bike Rim Wreath. All you need is paint, natural materials, string and an old bike rim of course. Why not create a personalised wreath for your cycling buddy’s garden? This is a simple yet very effective activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Click on the image below to get crafty!


Friday Activity – Bike craft with recycled stuff

Age Group: Primary and Junior Secondary

To celebrate #CelebrateCycling week why not get crafty and create a bike picture using bits n pieces found around your home, such as bottle lids, buttons and pipe cleaners. Watch this video for some inspiration on how to go about it. Enjoy being creative!


Friday Activity – Bicycle Safety Word Scramble

Age Group: Primary 

Now that you’ve had a whole week celebrating cycling do you think you know bikes inside and out? Test your knowledge with our Bike Safety Word Scramble activity sheet!

Word Scramble Answer-sheet


Friday Activity – Obstacle Course

Age Group: Primary 

Get on your bike in whatever space you have. Challenge yourself to create an obstacle course in your garden/ cul-de-sac/ driveway, wherever there is no traffic. Use things found around your garden to create obstacles and markers. Practice starting, stopping, balancing, and turning and most of all have fun! Check out our video to see how one family created an obstacle course in their back garden.