The landscape of our streets has changed dramatically since lockdown. We noticed the sudden overnight flip from the din sound of whizzing traffic to the sounds of insects and birds reclaiming space. Movement was slowed, yet not before long, there has been a positive influx of cyclists taking to the quieter streets to enjoy making the most of their 2-5km zone. In many towns and streets, space was reclaimed to allow for recreational walkers and cyclists to share the pavement. The motor vehicles, which once dominated this public space, were brought to a slow finally allowing children, families and individuals to fully enjoy the new terrain of their communities. As we ease into the next phase of our current lockdown which sees more public activity and wider travel, we are not in any hurry to lose the newly found freedoms of healthy, safe and active mobility.

National Bike Week 2020 is postponed, however this year Green-Schools is inviting you to take part in a virtual celebration to #CelebrateCycling for the week of June 15-19th. Our #CelebrateCycling Week aims to celebrate all bike lovers, especially the new cyclists who are hopping back in the saddle to experience again the joys and the freedoms of the bicycle.

Green-Schools Travel Officers Nationwide are developing resources which celebrate cycling and which provide fun and educational activities for students to participate in from within their own communities. We have interviews from accomplished cyclists, newbies to the saddle and from children sharing their favourite cycling experiences! Some of our new and best loved resources and campaigns will be featured throughout the week-long initiative and you can find them on the buttons below from June 15th. These resources and activities range from our latest Webinar to our #andshecycles campaign, and from our Bling your Bike Workshop to fun bike-themed activities. There are many ways to get involved and to win prizes. Stay tuned to Week 10 of our Green-Schools Stay Home Project for daily resources and follow us on our social media channels @GreenSchoolsire for daily #CelebrateCycling videos

Celebrate Cycling Resources



Celebrate Cycling Webinar