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18 May 2022

Global Goals Week 2022  

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Green-Schools' inaugural Global Goals Week took place from May 9th to 13th through our ever-growing Global Classroom programme and was a huge success. Students from Ireland, Kenya, South Africa and Dubai interacted throughout the week and learnt about the SDG's from each other and what actions need to be taken by us all to [...]

6 December 2021

Global Goals Advent Calendar

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Welcome to the Global Goals Advent Calendar! With the festive season fast approaching Green-Schools wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the Global Goals through both fun and engaging activities themed around the advent season! These activities were specifically curated to take minimal time and preparation. We hope you enjoy, and do not forget [...]

26 March 2021

Ethics of Climate Change Resource Launch & Workshop

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We are happy to announce a launch of our new resource for Secondary Schools: the Ethics of Climate Change Toolkit. This toolkit aims to discuss moral problems related to climate change using critical, collaborative and creative thinking. (Click image on right to access the new resource) The resource links to our Travel theme and [...]

7 October 2020

International Day of the Girl Child: My Voice, Our Equal Future

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11 October 2020, is the UN International observed Day of the Girl Child. Did you know that there over 1.1 billion girls around the World under 18? Whilst many young women in 2020 have the opportunity to work towards realising their full potential as female leaders, entrepreneurs and some of the greatest change-makers the [...]

13 November 2019

Green-Schools, Global Goals Conference 2019

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It’s been a busy end of the year in Green-Schools, with heightening activity happening around climate action, sustainable development and environmental awareness. With support from Irish Aid, the much anticipated Global Goals Conference took place on November 12th, at Radisson Blu Little Island, Cork. Much like last years launch, the conference was great success for [...]

22 September 2019

Green-Schools Seminars 2019/2020

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Welcome back to the new Green-Schools year! Every year, in partnership with local authorities, we host seminars for teachers in locations across the country. These one-hour seminars are focused on introducing teachers to new Green-Schools themes and are a great place to meet Green-Schools and local authority staff; get information on the theme you're beginning [...]

14 May 2019

Teacher Training Summer Courses: Dublin, Meath & Online

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Dublin Course Outline: Green-Schools and the Global Goals This year we have updated the Green-Schools Teacher Training Course to include the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The course will help participants to understand the Global Goals and the link between them and the Green-Schools programme.  The course covers all themes of the programme and provides useful [...]

3 May 2019

Getting to the Green Flag Awards Ceremony

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Congratulations to the hundreds of schools around the country who received their Green Flag award notification - we can't wait to meet you at our award ceremonies in May. This year Green-Schools are hosting 16 ceremonies in eight locations around Ireland for 4,000 attendees! If you are travelling to a ceremony we would ask you [...]

11 September 2018

Teacher training seminars 2018/2019

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The Summer season has come and gone now, too fast it may seem, but here in the Green-Schools Office we are excited for the new 2018/2019 academic year. Each year our Local Authority partners organise seminars to introduce teachers to the new themes they’ll be working on this academic year. The seminars will be delivered [...]

26 May 2018

Climate Hope for Green-Schools

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The last week of April 2018 saw four Climate Hope Forums take place in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Limerick. Climate Action Officer Gráinne Ryan and the Green-Schools Team gathered 155 representatives from primary and secondary school students and teachers, local authorities and local Councillors to join forces over the common interest in climate change. The [...]

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