Summer has arrived. This is a truly exciting time to be outdoors. Blossoms are everywhere; from the ground to the tree-tops. There is a constant stream of insects flying by; from the buzz of all sorts of bees, top the flutter and glide of butterflies, dragonflies and other insect species as they search for food and defend territories. The chorus of birds first thing in the morning is also impossible to ignore; as they proclaim their presence and readiness to defend their nest-sites all over again. Their earnest activity throughout the day is unmistakable; intent feeding, collecting material for nesting, busily providing food for mates and young, clucking and calling loudly to ward off other birds coming too close for comfort. It has been a fantastic few weeks of weather, and just perfect conditions to be out and about observing nature; the creatures being so preoccupied, seem to care a little less about human presence; and overall animal and plants are coloured more vibrantly, making species identification that little bit easier.

Thank you to all schools that have been sending us in pictures and information on their ongoing actions and caring for Biodiversity at school. Clearly most schools had a great time exploring biodiversity in a myriad ways, including; going on nature walks, hunting for mini-beasts in the yard, tending vegetable beds and visiting nature centres on school tours.

Thanks are due also to all schools who continue to contribute records of their sightings to national recording schemes at the National Biodiversity Data Centre. (The recording App can be found here)