We are all spending a lot more time at home, working, learning and playing all within our 2-5km zones. Green-Schools students, more than ever, are spending more time outdoors connecting with nature. With fewer cars on the roads and planes in the air we have a better chance of hearing birds singing, bees buzzing and trees rustling. What better time than now to stop and smell the roses, climb a tree or watch the bugs in your garden.

To celebrate National Biodiversity Week this year lets start by working out what Biodiversity means! It can be a bit of a tricky word. Biodiversity just means all of the different types of living things in a certain place. This includes all of the different species of flowers, trees, grass, insects, fish, birds and mammals in one spot. Our environment is the most healthy and happy when we have a high amount of Biodiversity (or lots of different things living in it). It is also more fun for us to explore!

The overall aim of the Green-Schools Biodiversity theme is to increase student awareness of the importance of biodiversity, and we have many projects which schools can get involved in to promote biodiversity within their school grounds and their community. While you are at home why not discover all the life just around you? We are here to help you learn about the plants and animals just outside your door and to have some fun!

To get involved for Biodiversity week we have some really fun activities featured on our Green-Schools Stay Home Project Week 6.

Buzzing for more?! Why not look back at previous weeks activities, we have 15 fun resources made to date which you can complete at home. To celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity on Friday, 22 May, why not share your stories and activities to us by tagging @GreenSchoolsIre on social media?


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