We hope that all Green-Schools Coordinators, teachers, SNAs, principals and other school staff are well and managing the challenges of home schooling and remote learning.

We know that you have a lot to think about at the moment and we understand that schools are not in a position to continue the Green-Schools Programme in the usual way.

We want to reassure all coordinators that there is no pressure from us – only support! Our promise is to to make it as easy, safe, interesting, and fun as possible for both students and teachers to reap the benefits of each Green-Schools theme at a distance!

Stay Home Resources

Application deadline

We have extended our application deadline from March until the end of the school year (June 25, 2021). To make the application process a little easier this year we have also launched our new application system. You are welcome to still use our existing forms if you have already started the process. If not, we encourage you to sign up to our new forms and welcome all and any feedback you have on the new forms.

New Application Forms

Virtual Assessments

Our renewal assessment visits have moved online and we can’t wait to see what your committees have been doing. If you are applying this year we encourage you to book in a virtual assessment with your local environmental awareness officer.

Virtual Assessment Guide
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