Green-Schools Travel is currently looking for student volunteers in any kind of secondary school in Ireland to take part in online focus groups as part of our #andshecycles campaign. Please contact Robert, our Secondary Schools Development Officer at if you think your school/students would be interested. 

About the #andshecycles focus groups:

This research is being carried out to explore the school cycling gender gap in second-level and is an opportunity for students to share their views and experiences in potentially informing future measures to make cycling in Ireland more inclusive and accessible for teenage girls. 
We have an informed consent form available for anyone who wishes to get further information. You can find further information by clicking the letter above. 
We are looking for you to recruit those who identify as girls, boys and/or non-binary to take part in the focus groups: 
  • A group of 6 – 12 second-level students (less is fine).
  • Girl and boy groups will be moderated separately.
  • Any year group or mix of year groups is fine.
  • There is no requirement whatsoever that participants cycle to school or have an interest in cycling.
  • Contact the research lead – Robert Egan ( – to express volunteer interest.
  • Teachers are welcome to attend the online focus groups as a non-participant, which will take place on a professional ZOOM account.