On April 22, 2020 Earth Day celebrates 50 years of diversifying, educating and activating the environmental movement worldwide. Since its creation in 1970 the Earth has seen many shifts, both culturally and environmentally. We have faced environmental challenges, such global climate change and biodiversity loss but we have also seen great progress in environmental awareness from the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the rigour of the youth climate strike movement.

Green-Schools across Ireland engage with their environment and through the Green Flag programme actively work to protect it. Their work starts in the classroom and expands to the whole school and eventually fosters change in the community at large. Every day is Earth Day for Green-Schools students!

Today at Green-Schools we are celebrating the day by making fun and educational online content for the Green-Schools Stay Home project. We have lots of content to share with students weekly but to mark the occasion of 50 years of Earth Day we want to share our favourite Green-Schools Stay Home activities from each of our Green Flag themes.

Litter and Waste










Global Citizenship